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Industrial Powder Coating – South Bend, Indiana

The industrial powder coating experts at Specialty Industrial Coatings in South Bend, Indiana, use top of the line equipment, paints and coatings to provide superior finishes.  Since 2009, we have been trusted to apply protective coatings to a wide variety of steel and metal products, extending their lifespans and increasing production for customers across numerous industries. From RV and automotive parts to industrial equipment, our finishes meet the customer’s exact specifications to provide protection from rust, chemical damage, abrasion, heat and more.
At Specialty Industrial Coatings, we understand that only quality paints and coatings applied by skilled professionals will provide the long lasting protection our customers’ demand. All of our employees are trained in quality inspection and are committed to maintaining our high standards, from preparation and application to shipping and customer service. We use superior products such as Dupont™ Teflon® liquid and powder, along with epoxy, silicone, polyester and urethanes from leading manufacturers to produce top performing finishes that last.
We are committed to maintaining an efficient industrial powder coating facility in South Bend, Indiana with minimal lead time and advanced capabilities.  Our convenient location can handle large parts (up to 3500 lbs.) and fast, same-day color changes. All of our systems are backed up to ensure consistent production and customer satisfaction. Our team members know that it is essential to meet the exact specifications for each project, and we strive to develop strategies for industrial powder coating and painting that are both cost-effective and time-sensitive.
Specialty Industrial Coatings uses garnet media for sandblasting, which offers numerous benefits over other types of widely used media. Garnet media is non-toxic, non-reactant and environmentally friendly.  It combines blasting strength with uniformity to create a superior surface profile that is optimal for adhesion of paints and coatings.
We take pride in staying on the leading edge of industrial powder coating technology in our equipment, processes and product offerings. Specialty Industrial Coatings is a Total Quality Management Company and is ANSI Q9002 compliant.  All customer products are closely monitored by our trained staff to ensure customer compliance.
To learn more about service offered by Specialty Industrial Coatings, including industrial powder coating in South Bend, Indiana, please click here to contact us or call (574)784-3711.

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Why Choose Specialty Industrial Coatings?

Our locally owned company was formed in 2009 to meet the needs of customers in the South Bend area requiring professional application of a wide range of industrial protective coatings.

We use only the highest quality industrial protective coatings from leading manufacturers.  To meet different needs for our customers and their specific applications we use a variety of products. 

Our goal is to provide each customer with a durable, long-lasting protective finish that meets our customers exact specifications, click here to contact us to learn more.